Friday, 28 April 2017

The Intern Farewell !

     Everything comes to an end after 3 months and it’s time to say goodbye to the interns! They have had such a wonderful summer internship with Worthy Book. There were 6 interns for this batch and all of them came from the same university, TARUC. Each of the interns have their own responsibilities on their daily tasks in different departments. Over the past 12 weeks of industrial training, all the interns gained real-world work experience by working closely with the management team. Each of the interns participated in different projects, they shared their ideas, exchanged information during the meeting to help each other out when someone faced a problem.

     27 April 2017, there was a farewell part for all the intern. The interns enjoyed Dominos pizza, as well as a birthday cake to celebrate all the April babies, Suanne, Cindy, Sean and Edmund. All of the interns and staffs as well as the top management group together for the interns’ farewell and the birthday celebration. 

Pizza that was ordered for the farewell party and the April babies Suanne, Cindy, Sean and Edmund.
After the birthday celebration, there was a sharing and gratitude session for the interns and the directors. They shared all the stuff that they have learned during the 3 months’ internship with Worthy Book.

Suanne, Ken and Jia giving some advice to all the interns and wishing them all the best in their coming working life.

     To all the 6 intern students from TARUC, we wish them all the best as some of them are returning to their classes and some of them will be graduating. Based on their work at Worthy Book, we know they will succeed in their studies and ready for the working world.

Thank you and All the best Interns!!

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