Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Meet The Intern!

Name: Victor Madhan

Why WB?
The opportunity to work with key personnel from brands, both big and small. Also, being exposed to multiple aspects of how a company operates (from sales to operations) on a personal level is fulfilling.

What are your responsibilities?
Seeking out merchant info, contacting them via calls and email, securing their best offers for our corporate clients, compiling it for their review, notifying merchants that their offers are approved, collecting their promotional materials and company logo, keying in the data into Samsung’s CMS system, and assisting in any other capacity required.

Favourite part of the job?
Entering data into the Samsung CMS, as well as delivering some voucher booklets to our existing and prospective clients. There is a certain challenge to the format of data entry in the CMS. In addition, it is fun meeting key personnel of these corporate clients, from brands such as Watson’s, Standard Chartered Bank, Prudential, and Sedania Group. Did I mention I crack lots of jokes too?

What have you learned so far?
I have learned a great deal so far. Working with a team of people from different backgrounds to achieve our targets is enlightening, yet challenging. Though I am an intern, the amount of knowledge I have accumulated is incredible. I realize the monumental effort required to make deals appear live on apps such as the Mysamsung app, or even corporate websites such as UOB’s. I have also learnt the value of paying attention to detail, hence my favorite part of the job being data entry into the Samsung CMS (haha!)

Any favorite  brand or outlets?
Killer Gourmet Burgers, Mid Valley Megamall. Their burgers are so fine, every bite is literally a sensation in itself!

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