Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Pedal to Metal

Today in WB we've had fun playing "Pedal to Metal" game. It's an assemble game made out of Lego pieces. And we had to assemble a car!

As of many of you thought, Lego could be fun. Until you have to assemble over 50 pieces of tiny Legos into a car while competing other groups. And we still had fun!

So we were divided into three groups: McLarren, Ferrari and BMW.

So how did we play is we had 7 rounds of this race.
7 mins of practicing and 2 mins of completing the model. Every round of practicing decreases by a minute. First group that completes the model will win the game.

What is so exciting about this game is the strategy that each group came out to complete the task in the most efficient way possible in order to win. And that is identifying every components of car model before splitting up the tasks to team members.

And of course from all the fun while playing this game there will be always something to learn.
As for me and colleagues, the most important thing that we learnt was teamwork and trust.
Encouraging each other to remain calm is also as important to not stress out over nothing and just be positive.  Last but not least, communication is the key as each team member has the right to give out opinions on how to come out with efficient strategies.

Check out video below to see the exciting moment!:

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