Tuesday, 5 November 2013


After a long shopping trip, your legs may be aching and we will now bring you to a relaxing place where you can enjoy FREE Aroma Beauty Spa!!! 

The interior.
It is very easy to redeem the Free Aroma Beauty Spa voucher. All you need to do is call and make an appointment to which outlet you wish to go.  I love their kind service. =)

You will need to fill up your personal details first before you enjoy the spa.
After you have filled up the form, the beautician will take you to the Jacuzzi room. You may leave all your belongings inside the room while you are doing the treatment.
The Jacuzzi hot tub with nice flower and candle smells.
I love the decorations!
The body massage area before you dip into the Jacuzzi.
First, the beautician will take you to the room and you will need to totally undress yourself and then wrap yourself with a towel. They will provide you a paper panty and a shower cap. After that you may lie on the bed while the beautician applies the scrub onto your body, hands and legs. After that you can dip yourself into the Jacuzzi for 30 minutes and the beautician will teach you how to operate the Jacuzzi.

The whole Aroma Beauty Spa treatment takes about 40 to 50 minutes time. You can fully enjoy and relax during the treatment.

Apart from the Free Aroma Beauty Spa, with Worthy Book Ladies Edition, you can also enjoy Glow & Glamour:
-          Signature T.O.P Slimming Treatment at RM38 only (N.P. RM500)
-          Signature UpLift Bust Treatment at RM38 only (N.P. RM400) and get a Free UpLift Bust Cream (worth RM108)
-          Buy 1 Free 2 Pigmentation Reduction Face Treatment at RM298 (N.P. RM1470)

To those who want to lose weight, I would recommend you to do their Signature T.O.P Slimming Treatment. It is a 1 hour session. Besides that, this treatment should allow you to have a good night sleep and you may feel very relaxed after the treatment is done.

So what are you waiting for? Quickly grab a copy of Worthy Book Ladies Edition now! @ RM29.90 only!

Specially for  ALL ladies!