Monday, 30 June 2014

5 Bakeries in Klang Valley to check out ;)

Personally, one of the best things in the world is the aroma of freshly baked breads and pastries. There are tons of great bakeries here in Malaysia that produces fascinating baked goods that will surely lure you into their shop. Here are the 5 Bakeries (Not in a particular order) in Klang Valley for you to check out ;)

The first thing that I will grab while at Komugi is their Creamy Custard Krone and there is nothing quite like it. The smooth and sweet creamy custard inside the crispy puffs will leave you wanting more. Foodgasm indeed! Other favourite baked goods you can get are the Baked Kronut Cream Cheese with Cookies Crush and the Camembert Noa!

At BreadTalk, there are a wide variety of all sorts of breads and pastries to choose from. Latest new pastry is their mouth-watering Nachos Cheese that tempts you to grab another. If a combination of potato, topped with creamy cheesy nacho sauce does not excites you. I don’t know what will!

If you have never even savour anything like a “Seaweed Tuna Spicy Roll”, then you are definitely missing something in life ;P At Lavender bakery (originally from Johor), you can get the finest breads, pastries and cookies freshly baked everyday.

If you’re looking for a bakery that promises you minimal colouring and artificial flavouring into their baked goods, then welcome to TedBoy Bakery! Tucked at Bangsar South and Bangsar Telawi, they use the finest ingredients to create the most scrumptious breads you ever tasted.

Looking for cakes for the right occasion? Well then Baum (by Komugi!) promises you the best cakes you will ever find! With a wide range of cakes to choose from, customers will have a hard time to decide. Baum also came up with specialty cakes at reasonable prices! ;)

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Lunch with Belanga.

So have you been craving for some authentic Malaysian cuisines for a really long time! ;) Well wait no more!  Visit Belanga, Home to the most authentic Kelantanese dishes in the Klang Valley. Now one won’t have to travel to Kelantan to savour their mouth-watering dishes when now you can get it in Belanga ;)

You can learn a bit or two of things inside Belanga,especially from their interior. You could see traditional equipments of all sorts. A “mangkuk tingkat” (stacked lunch  carriers) is clearly seen at the background. Trivia :  During the olden days, Kelantanese would pack their lunch into their “mangkuk tingkat”. Which they would enjoy during lunch time :) How convenient huh?

Check these mouth-watering dishes we ordered! For those of you who have never tried Nasi Kerabu before, it is basically rice served with fresh shredded cucumber, spicy chilli paste with toasted shredded coconuts, salted egg and a choice of side dishes. At Belanga, you could choose from 3 sides dishes of grilled beef or fish or the delicious “Ayam Percik”.

Be sure to bring your Worthy Book’s FnB edition to enjoy Belanga’s great deals!

We got a free dessert of the day! Oh the dessert was delectable indeed! The creaminess of the coconut milk mixed well with the brown sugar, which made it the best dessert we had so far! ;)

Everyone had a great time and we will definitely be back for more during the Ramadan period :D 

Dinner at Zakuro Two.

If you have been craving for a good, affordable yet authentic Japanese cuisine, then head down to ZakuroTwo. A contemporary Japanese restaurant which you can find at The Scott Garden, not too far away from Mid Valley. :)

Take time and decide as you scan through the menu as there are various types of Japanese dishes you can savour from.

Being a contemporary Japanese restaurant, you can tell the interior was cosy enough for you to enjoy your meal with your family or loved ones.

We ordered the soba with sweet tofu as well as a dinner set, which comes with a fish (which was grilled to perfection), sashimi (consisting of salmon and tuna), fruits and Chawanmushi.  The best thing about the dishes at Zakuro is that not it is only fresh, yet it is full with flavour. The dishes are appealing and the taste is something you won’t be disappointed with. ;)

Zakuro’s Chawanmushi is perhaps one of the best you can get at a Japanese Restaurant.  Their egg custard is creamy and soft it just melts in your mouth. Definitely something you want to try out while at Zakuro Two.  :) 

A wide variety of fresh seafood served as the master chefs carefully prepare your ordered meal, to ensure you’ll go home with a happy tummy filled with goodness ;)  Looking forward to visiting again :)

Thursday, 26 June 2014

5 Gelato/Ice Cream in Klang Valley to have (esp in this heat!)

We have been cracking our heads all day to come up with our best 5 Ice-cream/gelato parlour,( In no particular order) for you all gelato/ice cream lovers out there. Grab your spoons and hop on into our venture or we will dessert you out!

With an unbelievable range of 31 flavours of ice cream to choose from, you can definitely go head over heels while deciding. If you wish to be a little bit random, perhaps go for their “flavour of the month”, and top it off with other preferred ice-cream flavours of your choice. And best of all, every 31st day of the month, customers can enjoy a 31% discount off on ice-cream they picked! Isn’t that great? Pretty sweet deal if you ask me ;)

This incredible gelato parlour has been making me coming back for more! Why? It’s simply because it is handmade and they carefully select their finest ingredients to produce their mouth-watering gelatos. Soft, creamy and with just the right amount of flavour you can taste in one bite. The gelato is not airy unlike any other.

If you’re wondering to keep in shape and enjoy your gelatos at the same time, well you definitely can!  Because at Gelatamio, the milk based gelato they used to produce their desserts is an average of 95% fat free! Not only that, you don’t need to cringe at the fact that how some low-fat ice-creams are always lacking in their flavours. But not Gelatomio. Their flavours are locked so you can definitely enjoy them while staying in shape! So It’s guilt free proven for ya ;)  Bonus points for the adorable blue bear J

Lecka Lecka was the first ever gelato parlour I visited to get my first scoop of gelato. It was a love at first bite indeed as I indulged my first spoon on their After 8 (Chocolate Mint) gelato flavour. I was hooked instantly. What makes Lecka Lecka unique is that you can definitely feel the creaminess of the gelato. And yes! It is full of flavour indeed!

There’s no argument for this. Hands down.  McDonald’s ice creams are definitely the best alternative to grab an ice cream at only RM1!
So I guess I will just leave you with the above for you to savour and indulge.  As Don Kardong said: “Without ice-cream, there would be darkness and chaos!”

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

10 Japanese Restaurants in Klang Valley that you MUST CHECKOUT!

Konichiwa to you avid Japanese food lovers! Wondering which Japanese restaurant to head down to fulfill your craving needs? Well fret not, as I have some good news for you ;) Below are 10 Japanese Restaurants to dine in while you're in Klang Valley.

* In No Particular Order *

A fine combination of modern and traditional Japanese cuisine is made available here in Ichiban Boshi. With real fresh ingredients (their soba is made live in-house!) picked to form delectable Japanese dishes such as Okonomiyaki, Salmon Skin Teriyaki and Ebi Paitan Ramen, it is no wonder it is always full with customers! If you wish to experience premium Japanese cuisine at a reasonable price, then head down to your nearest Ichiban Boshi :)

Dining in in a sushi restaurant where you can actually see your meal prepared right in front of your very own eyes is the most appealing thing in the world! Not only do you know that the dishes that they are serving are fresh but you could probably learn a thing or two on how to prepare some rolls ;) At Sushi Tei, do try out Biei, Rainbow Roll and Crunchy Tuna.  <3 their salmon sashimis!

Talking about great deals on pricing and sushi quality then you might want to head down to Sakae Sushi. The “kaiten-zushi” concept restaurant offers their customers a wide variety of sushi to choose from!  Their roasted rice tea, genmaicha is unique from the usual ocha.  Also, ordering from their iPads in a unique experience.  A bit of trivia – their rice is enriched with vitamin E!

Ok, so eating plates of sushi does not seem to fulfill your growling tummy. But no worries, at Ramen Taiko, which is tucked in a cosy corner of Shoplex Mont Kiara, they serve a wide range of delicious, mouth-watering ramen accompanied by the perfectly done egg with runny yolk. Before you savour those authentic ramen, take a while to appreciate the aroma of your dishes. You won’t be disappointed ;)

Some of their must tries include the Tori Karaage (Fried Chicken), Shio Ramen (Salt Flavoured Ramen) and Tokusen Toroniku Ramen (Pork Cheek Ramen).  Their Gyoza and Toroniku Paos are also heavenly.  So head over to KL Pavilion’s Tokyo Street to enjoy ramen from this international brand - did you know that it is present in Japan, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore and now Malaysia!  

With their array of fresh sushi, sashimi, tempuras, seafood and other cuisines, you will be blinded with, well not just the colours and settings of the buffet but with the wide selections of choices!  Their spacious, traditional and elegant décor brings you to Japan without leaving Malaysia!

Located within the posh Starhill Gallery, the Jogoya buffet experience is a must-go for savvy KL foodies, enough said!  They also serve ice cream from Haagen Dazs and New Zealand Natural.

Did you know that most of the ingredients here served at Hanare are not just hand picked but are air-flown straight from The Tsukiji Market in Tokyo?! Interesting isn’t it? Situated at The Intermark, their must tries are Omakase, Kaiseki and Nama Awabi.  Although the pricing is slightly on the higher end scale, it is absolutely worth every penny J

Not to be mistaken with Zakuro at Mont Kiara, Zakuro 2 is tucked in the hip and happening Scott Garden.  Try out their 4 seasons of Salmon Nigiri, Mentaiko Yaki Udon and Gindara Seaweed Butter.  Love the cosy and homely atmosphere!

If you would like to experience a different twist on Japanese cuisine but still experience authentic taste, then head to BAR B Q PLAZA. The sizzles of the meat placed on the stove right in front of your own eyes, is enough to make your mouth water. The anticipation of waiting for your meal to be cooked while enjoying a glass of cold ocha is all worth it. BAR B Q PLAZA offers varieties of meats that you could sizzle on the stove such as chicken, beef, pork, shrimp, squids, fish fillet and so much more (and the soup is to die for)! :)

So what do you think? Talk to us! :) Drop us a comment below and let us know your experience on dining in any of the Japanese Restaurants. Sayonara! :)

Friday Celebration.

Cake and Bubble Teas! We sang and feasted along during this auspicious day for 2 of our fellow colleagues. An advance birthday celebration for our designer plus a farewell to one of our interns :) Nevertheless, it was a good day indeed!

Thirst quenchers from Ochado and a scrumptious Strawberry Chantilly cake from Bread Talk, thank goodness for Worthy Book’s FnB voucher book! Flip through to check out the great deals that both Ochado (buy 3 free 1 or 30% off 2nd drink) and Breadtalk (15% off) have to offer! ;)
You sure do not want to miss the experience of sipping on a cool beverage like Ochado. They have various flavours to choose from. Something to cool you off especially during this hot season ;) And oh yes! Bread Talk’s Strawberry Chantilly is delectable too! Talking about sinking your teeth into those fluffy soft cakes, makes you scream for “MORE!!”. And yes those fresh strawberries just made the cake taste so much better.

The Happy Ladies with their cakes and drinks!

And what is a party without a group photo huh? 
(Part of the Research & Marketing team)

We hope that both of our colleagues, Kelly and Siti (we’ll miss her laughters and nasi lemaks!), had a great time! :)

5 Foodie Places to Chillout in Klang Valley

Looking forward to places to just chill? Well luckily enough in Klang Valley there are plenty of cozy spots for you to just lay back, tune in to some music while sipping on your cup of latte. Because here are your 5 Places to Eat, Chill & Hangout :)

*whispers* In No Particular Orders :)

You can really tell a place by its interior and exterior of the location.  Tucked in Kampung Pandan, Caffeinees, a bungalow with white décor, is definitely the epitome of “cosiness” when it comes to their ambience, the true meaning of “comfort” as you savour their dishes. Here in Caffeinees, you can really “put your feet off the ground” for a second and just chill.   Do try out their Caribbean Salmon Fettuccine!


Friday nights are perfect to let your hair down while sipping on the finest quality of wine, in the most luxurious modern French classy yet private hang out place. Connoisseurs Lounge is ideal for those who appreciate finer things in life. Sing your hearts out in their private karaoke room or simply indulge in their collection of cigars in their Cigar Room.  You can even go play golf as it is situated in KL Golf & Country Club!

A simple weekend gathering with few friends in a most cozy yet laid back hang out places at House, is always a great idea. Indulge yourself into their finest fusion dishes as you blend into with the most comfortable ambience around. Looking for a place to chill this weekend around KLCC area? Then come and chill out at House at G Tower!  A favourite is their unique Satay Pizza!

When I think of Delicious, it is always the desserts that catch attention. Personally I would always go after the Brownies and Vanilla Ice-Cream. Warm chocolate brownies with gooey oozing chocolate sauce topped with cold ice cream.  It’s like a party in your mouth! An ideal way to spend your day with close friends and family. Ambient music playing in the background as you savour their mouth-watering dishes such as the BBQ Short Ribs or even chow down with their Homemade Mafaldine with Chargrilled Chicken. Everything is delicious at Delicious! :)

Oh another hipster-ish place to check out!” Basically what most of us would say if we were to bump into a café or restaurant that has some sort of artisan or rustic ambience. Yes, Plan B is on your list. At Plan B, you could definitely witness the unique yet creative interior setting of the restaurant.  Chill out with a cup of latte and some great dessert like the Almond Toffee Bar or even the caramel bar.   Trivia - the original creator of Delicious came up with Plan B (thank God!).

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