Sunday, 27 July 2014

10 Fast Food Restaurant in Klang Valley you MUST visit!

Some days you really just want to stuff yourselves with the juiciest burgers or crunchy chicken tenders. And here are the 10 awesome Fast Food Restaurants in the Klang Valley to check out (IMHO):

Home to the ultimate juicy yet succulent Mushroom Melt! with their made to order concept, it definitely preserves the juiciness of every meat.  Their slogans “Our patties are square because we don’t cut corners” and “quality food, made fast” say it all!

When KFC meant “It’s Finger Lickin Good”, they really mean it and you got to believe it.  It is basically every Malaysian’s favourite fast food chain when it comes to serving delicious mouth watering chickens. It’s no wonder everyone keeps coming back for more since they first started in 1973.  Their breakfast option - cheesy bun puts a smile on my mornings J

At subway, not only they serve you the freshest ingredients, but it is healthy too! You can tell while the sub makers prepare your subs right before your eyes while choosing the toppings and sauce for your sandwich. Know your days, because at Subway they offer you the “Sub of The Day” for you to enjoy a great deal.  Their cookies are to-die-for :D

A D-I-Y sort of fast food restaurant sounds pretty fun eh? Because at Pepper Lunch, that is where you can have the total control on your meals! What is more appetizing than waiting for your food to cook on hot iron plates right before your eyes?  

If you love your burgers charbroiled, then Carls’ Jr. is no stranger to you. With their famous juicy yet mouth watering burgers (Have you seen the size of their burgers?!), you definitely can satisfy your hunger pangs with this one right here.  True to its slogan, “It’s gonna get messy”.   Their seafood burgers are equally good!

A newcomer to Klang Valley but expanding rapidly! Juicy yet tender - these are the most ideal way to describe the fried chicken at Texas Chicken!  The chicken portions are slightly bigger than its competitors, but while being similar to KFC, we like their unique honey muffin and free flow of drinks!

Another relatively newcomer to Klang Valley!  Dining in with good food while witnessing the staff members grooving to the 50’s music while delivering your milkshake is really entertaining! Be sure to check out their spectacular burgers to wow your taste bites.

When it comes to Burger King, it is always the “Whopper” that comes to mind.  The meats are grilled and cooked to perfection to maintain and ensure the juiciness and tenderness.  Their prices seem to have been adjusted compared to before, to be more affordable to everyone (hooray!). 

It is actually hilarious to think that the fast food restaurant had to do with our very own childhood cartoon character Popeye himself. Well actually it is not! Popeye’s mashed potatoes are well known for it’s taste, which also comes with different flavours such as the Cajun flavour.  Their fried chicken is crunchier than its competitors. 

McDonald’s has been around in Malaysia for ages! With over 300 outlets across Klang Valley, there is no way you could miss one wherever you go. And guess what? Everyone’s favourite grilled chicken Burger (GCB) is now finally here to stay for good. Now you don’t have to wait for the season to come till they release their famous GCBs. I’m lovin’ it indeed ;)

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Badminton with WorthyBook

As we bid farewell to the most anticipated event of the year, the World Cup, Worthy Book team decided to have their own “World Cup” for a night! Badminton style ;)

So the minute the clock struck 6, last Friday the team decided to pack up & head down to Challenger Sports Centre, Petaling Jaya. The night is still young as the team unpacked their equipments, stripped into their sports gear and start to warm up.

The moment we entered the court, spotlights and seeing other teams’ excitement, a gush of adrenaline filled us up making each of one of us excited to start the game!

I’ll leave you guys out with the pictures below to do the talking ;)

Kelly giving Su Hee & Vino a quick tip before starting the game ;)

Introducing our very own in house Dato’ Lee Chong Wei ;)

It’s time to sweat it all out with much needed Badminton session with the gang after weeks and weeks cooped up in the office. 

As you can see here, these are Worthy Book’s most promising stars of last Friday’s game. Reckon we should send them for the next SEA Games perhaps? :D

                                                Man down! I repeat Man down!

A little fall does not seem to dampen our Star of the night’s spirit. He’s not done yet, there he goes rockin it! ;D

So it was the last round, judging from the picture it was blurry because the ladies’ team was quick and swift! Faster 5 more minutes before we wrap it up!

Cheers, bruise, sweat and laughter to wrap things up in one night. Everyone had a great time, a much needed recreation time as a team is all we need to re-energise ourselves.

All in favour for a second round say “Aye!”  ;D

As we conclude last night’s event, here’s Vino strumming her “guitar” as she serenade us with her sweet melody that night. ;D 


P/S Check out those Bumble Bee socks Vino got there ;)

foodpanda : 2nd Anniversary Celebration.

I had the chance to attend foodpanda’s 2nd Year Anniversary celebration cum press conference, which was held recently on the 7th of July, 2014 at the Royale Bintang.
In conjunction with their anniversary, the International food and delivery service, gladly announced that they have successfully collaborated with more than 500 eateries around Malaysia.


Myself and together with the rest of the audience was greeted and welcomed by the Managing Director of foodpanda Malaysia, Claudio Abitante as well as Sidney Ng, the Marketing Director.
And did you know that foodpanda Malaysia has made its reputable presence in major cities around Peninsular Malaysia such as Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Ipoh, Penang, Melaka and Johor Bharu.  Foodpanda is currently planning to spread it’s wing soon to expand it’s operations for those in East Malaysia. :)

Peeps in Brunei finally got the chance to experience the incredible service, as Foodpanda has recently set its foot there. With over than 20 eateries, Bruneians now can tryout the services at Pappa Rich, Burger King and Fish & Co just to name a few.
With the Ramadhan month around, Foodpanda has also offers a delivery service from Bazaar Ramadhan and popular street food.

Hankering for some grubs? But stuck in the office with piles of workloads that still needs to be done? Punch in into your browser and order a delivery today. Or simply download their mobile app, which is made available for iOS, Android and Windows users.

Foodpanda Malaysia charges only RM4 for delivery and at times complimentary when ordering food from selected restaurants.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks ® UNVEILS ONE OF A KIND “7th MONTH” PROMOTION THIS JULY 2014

Come this July, loads of luck, love and warmth will be showered across the island from Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks ®, and as this phenomenon is approaching, it will surely add some noise to the current quiet marketplace.

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks ® does what no other brands has ever done before in Malaysia, launching the first ever one of a kind “7th Month” promotion to lift the spirits in the market. The “7th Month” promotion entails seven divinity lots with each lot consisting of different designs and discounts.

The designs on the lot look intimidating yet ironically, cute at the same time. These lots comes in a small and fun size that can be kept easily in the wallet. Moreover, Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks ® keeps the most distinguished trait of the “7th Month” by having the lot resembles a chinese amulet.

Usually amulets are used to help ward off the evil spirits and also ensure the safety
of one's well being, hence the lot could be deemed as a collectible for some.
There will be seven of the “Lucky 7th” lots circulating around and these lots consist of well wishes with a discount added on for consumers to enjoy.

These seven lots will each cover every aspect of a
human's touch of life such as love, wealth, health and luck. In addition, the discounts varies from RM0.50 off Sweet Plum Potato Fries to RM1 off on each product to 1 For 1 Tempura.

“We are sure that this promotion will be a huge hit in the market as it differentiates itself from the past promotions that we used to have, and this anomaly can intrigue consumers' curiousity and sales is forecasted to climb another 20% higher”, said a spokesperson of Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks ®.

“In addition, indeed with meticulous planning and confident execution, what can be an understated festival will be turning heads and have people look at it differently again as we promise to try our best to come up with more exciting promotions for our consumers and deliver the best Taiwanese snacks across the region”, added the spokesperson.

This “7th Month” promotion will start from 21 July 2014 to 31 August 2014. Consumers would be required to spend a minimum of RM20 to receive a “Lucky 7th” lot and each discount entitled can only be redeemed on the next purchase. For more information, visit .


Wednesday, 16 July 2014

5 Snacks you'd love in Klang Valley!

   Here's 5 yummy Snacks for you to munch your way in Klang Valley! ;) 

Sick and tired of your usual caramel or salted popcorns at the cinema? Luckily there is Planet Popcorn!  Ever wonder how a cheese, coffee, curry or wasabi flavoured popcorn will be like? Well, there’s only one way to find out by heading to your nearest Planet Popcorn stall and sample one for yourself!

Tucked in Bangsar and Subang, Kee’s Creampuffs are freshly home-made with ingredients which are free from preservatives. And you can absolutely enjoy the creaminess of the custards from the puffs. (Psst, it’s Kee’s secret recipe, fyi ;)) What makes Kee’s Creampuffs so unique is that, they do not just sell your average usual custard puffs, but with other varieties, such as Durian, Chocolate Banana, Blueberry and so much more.

If you have been craving for some traditional Chinese pastry snacks (especially Siew Bao), then your answer is right here at Mr. Siew Bao. Filled with decadent fillings in every of their pastries (from vegetarian to cheese filled Siew Baos), you will not be disappointed as you take a bite and savour it ;).  Unknown to many, they are Halal certified (thumbs up!).    

If you wish to take a walk along memory lane and experience what’s it like to have a cup of Nanyang Kopi during the 50s or 60s then you could probably do so at Toast Box. And top it off with the Malaysian’s all-time favourite traditional roti and kaya.  Can’t get any more nostalgic than that huh? ;)

Now you don’t need to travel so far all the way to Taiwan’s famous Shihlin Night Market just for these mouthwatering snacks! Home to the famous XXL Crispy Chicken, Egg Crepe and Oyster Mee Sua, it is something that you do not want to miss! The name says it all, so Foodgasm alert! ;p

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Yves Rocher - you will love this brand!

Beauty, how do you define beauty? For me, it is a kind of attractiveness and is an inner feel of what we feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. Though, there are plenty of explanation and description about beauty.

For your information, Yves Rocher was a French Business man and founder of the cosmetics company which bears his name. Thus Yves Rocher was created from the vision of one man who believed in beauty care based on plants and the democratisation of beauty for all women. Good for your skin, and for mother nature I must add ;) 
There are a few branches in Malaysia like Mid Valley, Sunway Pyramid, Setia City Mall etc.

Yves Rocher (front view) @Sunway Pyramid

Yves Rocher (side view) @Sunway Pyramid

Yves Rocher’s products are well categorised from face care to body care, hand and foot care, treatment, make up, fragrances and toiletries. 
Their products are even segmented into different stages for different needs of the customers.

Yves Rocher (surface) @Sunway Pyramid

I really love Yves Rocher’s design and packaging. In addition, their sales lady is really friendly and helpful.  Besides, what’s interesting is, Yves Rocher does not use endangered botanical species in accordance with CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) for protecting the Plant World. *Thumbs up*  Feels real good when the product does not contain chemicals etc! 

I got myself the Yves Rocher’s popular Olive Oil and Organic Vanilla shower gels at RM 29.00 & got one for FREE
and Member Card *Tada!!

Guess what, I also get to enjoy the Buy 2 Free 1 offer. How? Simply checkout Worthy Book's Ladies Edition, you will get to enjoy and experience great deals thanks to Yves Rocher! You also can redeem your free membership card voucher with it too. And be sure to check out the great deals they have to offer for member card holder. Sure am gonna come back for more! Really glad to get to know Yves Rocher, via Worthy Book Ladies Edition!