Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Life @ Worthy Book - Internships!

This is what Worthy Book's interns think about their internships :)  

Vinxi (UTAR, Broadcasting)

My interview was nice and simple. I learnt marketing, research and strategies, in-depth understanding of what the company does, what to EAT (F&B edition) and SHOP (Ladies edition)!!! The thing I like most about working at Worthy Book are: the boss is nice, friendly and funny, flexi working hours and I get to do roadshows and many more.

Suet Li (UTAR, Mass Comm (PR))

I am involved in Graphic Design and marketing-related tasks such as research, cold calling etc. My interview was casual, relaxing yet job-related topics, not a typical formal interview. What I like about this internship is getting hands-on experiences in different areas and not tedious routine work tasks on just particular one area.

Kavipriya (UTAR, Broadcasting)

Basically I do marketing, road shows and editorial. The interview was fun and informative at the same time. I have learned a lot about advertising and client servicing. The thing that I like in Worthy Book is the friendly environment. My superiors are very friendly and willing to help whenever I’m stuck with anything. We were able to share ideas and help each other.

Email us your CV/Resume at info@worthybook.my today! Or log on to www.facebook.com/worthybook

All worth it, and more with Worthy Book - we look forward to hearing from you! :)

Monday, 24 February 2014


Located at Solaris Dutamas, Sothys looked warm and welcoming. I made my appointment earlier to avoid disappointment.  As I reached there, I felt very excited - what is a Skinscope, and what is the mystery gift??

So I went there to try out the FREE Skinscope and also mystery gift offered in Worthy Book.

As I went inside the shop, a lady welcomed me in and she was very nice, soft spoken and always smiling. First she asked me to fill a form to find out about the skincare range I am using at present and to know whether I’m using a good technique to take care of my skin.

Well it went smoothly and after a while the lady used a machine to do the Skinscope where it helped to test my skin’s hydration level, elasticity, pore deepness and so on.  To my surprise, she said that my skin is very dry and I need to drink more water in order to keep my skin moisturized.

After the test, the lady did a small counseling session to tell me the overall result. The service was really good as they assisted me from the very beginning. And the counseling and Skinscope was wonderful as I get to know lots of useful information about my skin.

Last but not least, the mystery gift is a Sothys Morning Cleanser (worth RM69). Wow terrific...I had a splendid and fun day at Sothys!

Thursday, 20 February 2014

New York Skin Solutions - the radiant skin specialist

Hey there! :)

I have to admit, I am one who doesn’t take care of my skin very well. Sure, I have a usual routine of washing my face every morning, but I find that I still have some problems - like open pores and an oily T zone (forehead down to nose).

So, my friend and I went to New York Skin Solutions - each of us for a FREE 1 treatment (worth RM400) plus 1 product kit (worth RM68), thanks to Worthy Book’s awesome Ladies Edition!

New York Skin Solutions is a reputed brand from the United States, specializing in customized facial treatments with skin care solutions which suit and remedy all kinds of skin problems.

We started off by filling in a form. The form was for our attending consultant to know our dietary habits and personal illnesses. 

Check out some of their products:

Very classy! :)

After filling up the form, we had a personal consultant who used a device to test our skin for “before” photos (yikes!), after which my friend and I were separated into different rooms to enjoy our own facial treatments.

A nice and cozy treatment room to rest in

I think I had 5 different face wash gels and masks over a period of 2 hours or so.  Some felt really chilly, some felt very relaxing.  The extraction of black heads was occasionally painful but the end result was worth it! :)

I came out of my facial glowing - literally! My face felt so smooth and clean. My friend’s face looked shiny also!

Then, our consultant tested our face again and took our “after” photos! WOW! I was so shocked - massive difference in the skin and pores compared to my 3-hours ago face! 

At the end of my treatment, we got to redeem our product kit, yay! :) We signed a form to confirm it too ;)

Check out New York Skin Solution’s awesome product kit!

The product kit consists of Gentle Wash II, Tinted Day Cream 651 and Aqua Intensive Toner 532

There were plenty of costumers during the in and out of our visit. It was a great treatment, definitely can feel the difference in my skin! :)

With Worthy Book’s Ladies Edition, we can enjoy 10% off upon signing up for a full course at New York Skin Solutions too! Radiant skin, here I come! :D

For more info on Worthy Book, you can check out www.worthybook.my !