Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Worthy Book Team ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

“Ice Bucket Challenge!”, “I challenge/nominate you for the ice bucket challenge!”

Pretty much those were the most common phrases heard over for the past few weeks. Still, clueless?
The ice bucket challenge started off as an activity involving dumping of a bucket of ice water on to someone’s head to promote the awareness of the disease “Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and encourage donations to research.

Thus, numbers of videos made up of individuals taking up the challenge are going viral all over the net.

And we at Worthy Book also decided to join in! ;)

A group photo of the team!  Give us a “honk” if you were to spot the ride on the road ;)

All set to take up the challenge. Are those nervous facial expressions? Hahaha

Rubbing our hands together to fulfill the challenge, so “1,2,3 DUMP!!” here we go!



So according to the rules we need to challenge or nominate the next individual to begin with the challenge heheh!

Therefore, we are nominating Ren Yi of myBurgerLab, Christy Emily Love Ng of ChristyNg.com & Jazz Tan Yee Mei of YouthsToday.com to take up the cold dare! ;D
Ada berani? Muahahaha!

To watch the full video of our challenge, you can check it out here :

Enjoy! :D

WEVents 4th Anniversary Party – The Retro YOU!

WEVents are “WomenOnlyMENnotinvited” social events organized by working women volunteers. It was an amazing ladies night on 15th August 2014 at Cititel Hotel, Mid Valley.  It is such a big honor that Worthy Book get to participate in WEVents.   

Each event has its own theme and this round is The Retro. Every lady dressed up and really styled up themselves to attend the party. One of the famous styles is “polka-dots”. How lovely it is~

Love the stage they designed~

The Ballroom.

There are plenty of activities running before and after the events. Like photobooth pose sessions, lovely goodies giveaway, delicious dinner buffets, and ice breaking session, performances, lucky draws and many more.

Nevertheless, WEVents has invited the talented Ms Freda Liu, from the BFM media as the emcee for the gracious night.  Also the VVIP of the night was Datin Winnie Loo, the Chief Creative Director of A Cut Above Group of Salons and Academy. She looks gorgeous! 

Here’s our booth.

Welcome ladies, come and grab your Ladies Edition at special promotional prices! 

Happy lovely customers! :D

With the FREE Mandara Spa and Burger King vouchers! The ladies love ‘em so much!

Really was a very nice experience and we enjoyed the night. We bet all the attendees did too :)

Can’t wait for the next upcoming events by WEVents, and also their 5th Anniversary. Thank you WEVents, Jeanisha and lovely team for the event!

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

A Day at Kimarie Hairdressing.

Had a chance to visit Kimarie Hairdressing over the weekends, with a copy of the Worthy Book Ladies Edition. 


Kimarie Hairdressing is known for their remarkable top-of-the-line services, that also promotes the trendiest hairstyles. So if you’ve dreamt of having a hairstyle like your favourite celebrity, then head down to Kimarie Hairdressing ;)

Kimarie has won a number of awards for being one of the most outstanding hairdressing in the Klang Valley. Also with 4 academies in Malaysia! Wow isn’t that great?! So if you’re plannig on nights out or just a casual lunch and you need to get a new hairdo , let the professionals at Kimarie do it ;)

Starting to like what I see so far ;)

Et voila! Compliments to the hairdresser who did a great job! 2 thumbs up! What do you think? ;)  Managed to save 33% in the process! J 
Make sure to bring along your Worthy Book Ladies Edition so you could enjoy great deals with what Kimarie has to offer :

       1.     20% DISCOUNT on all services by Lead / Senior stylists
       2.     RM 10 Cash Voucher for ALL services (except wash & blow dry)

Don’t forget to flaunt your style and share your experience on our Facebook page or tag us your selfies with your new hairstyle on our Instagram ;)

Sunday, 10 August 2014

5 Places for MEATLOVERS in Klang Valley to checkout

C’mon you carnivores you do not want to miss out on these 5 places (Not in  particular order) to get some great grubs. Well, what are you waiting for? Grab your napkins, cuz it’s going to get messy ;) 

Ever wonder what’s it like to dine in and savour some Bavarian cusine while chugging down selections of Paulaner beer? Because at Brotzeit you will find the finest food served to you in the heart of Klang Valley. Ribs and sausage lovers should come and check out their array of meat choices.   Their Bacon Flade is a must try too!

 House to the most mouthwatering BBQ ribs in the Klang Valley! Craving for some tender and juicy meat? Grilled or barbequed? Morganfield’s are best for their BBQ sauces, thus lands the name “Sticky Bones” to their dishes. That’s one messy dish oozing with goodness, trust me your tummy will thank you for this ;) No wonder they are expanding so rapidly with outlets in Publika, Pavilion, e@curve and more!

       Tender, juicy yet mouthwatering German dishes, a great place where you can experience it right here at Deutsches Haus! Tucked in a homely cosy setting at Jaya 33, it is home to the authentic German cuisine that serves you varieties of knuckles, ribs, sausages, well you name it! A superb place to chow some grubs for all you meat lovers and watch football on their huge projected screen!

Beef up all of you! Because it is time to get serious with Las Vacas. Located at Shoplex Mont Kiara and Jalan Yap Kwan Seng and Kelana Jaya, they sure know how to grill their meat to perfection indeed, be sure to have your napkins with you because things can get messy at Las Vacas. ;)

If you’re wondering where to head down to on a lazy Sunday at Damansara Kim area, then Eurodeli, affectionately known as “The Sausage King”, is the best answer. Here in Eurodeli, you can truly enjoy great German dishes at an affordable price. A great European experience as you savour down with their choices of bratwurts topped with excellent gravy.

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Worthy Book Berbuka Puasa Dinner

As we usher in the holy month of Ramadhan, we had our mini berbuka puasa last week before welcoming Hari Raya. As we waited for the breaking of fast, tables and chair we’d set up as the food wheeled in.

The sight of the food made everyone cheered and we thank Siti for preparing for us the most mouth- watering dishes for berbuka. Her chicken curry is still running circles in my head! ;D

The usual “let’s take a picture of the food first!” moment

The array of food (doughnut, curry puff, mee hoon, nasi goring, chicken curry etc) we had during our berbuka puasa session. 2 Thumbs up!

Everyone kept coming back to the table to fill up and help themselves on their 2nd and even 3rd servings ;D

Jokes and laughter’s were shared during that night. As we all exchanged plans and ideas on what one will be doing during the Hari Raya week. Balik kampung? Jungle Trekking? Or just sleep in? ;)

As everyone finished their food, it’s time to clean and call it a night.  T’was a night that was filled with good food and laughter. 

5 Taiwanese/Hong Kong Desserts in Klang Valley not to miss!

Why travel far all the way to Taiwan or Hong Kong just to get your favourite desserts when you have plenty of them here, on our shores. So lucky for you, Taiwanese or Hong Kong desserts fans, now you can grab some at your nearest shopping mall or neighbourhood!

One of the earliest to kickstart the Taiwanese Dessert culture in Klang Valley, Snowflakes’ came up with various fresh toppings like fresh cut mangoes, homemade grass jelly, taro balls and various bean toppings you can choose from. Which of course you will definitely have a hard time deciding. ;)

The name says it all. Yes, you can definitely get the freshest ingredients in Meet Fresh’s desserts. Try out their famous homemade traditional Tofu Pudding which is simply delectable! It is so soft, it simply melts in your mouth. It is that good and most of their ingredients are 100% homemade! :)

When it comes to BlackBall, you know you can definitely get the freshest ingredients for your desserts here. The famous “Xian Cao” (black jelly) and the yam “balls” are traditionally made using the finest picked ingredients. This not only guarantees the customer on the healthy ingredients but the desserts are so flavourful and no preservatives are added. I would highly recommend their signature dessert, the “Golden Sweet corn Delight”.

The popular Hong Kong dessert has finally made it to our shores. The most talked about Hong Kong desserts have a wide variety of interesting flavour for their customers to choose from! Durian lovers will definitely find their “Tracka Durian Snow Ice” a favourable one as they use various types of durian in it. Aside from that, their black sesame paste is also awesome!

If you truly enjoy fruits in your desserts, then Hui Lau Shan (probably the most famous in Hong Kong), is your answer. I would definitely recommend this dessert to everyone as you could balance up your Vitamin C intakes with their “Mango Carnival” series desserts. Ever wonder how does a mango pancake taste like?  Well then, head down to your nearest Hui Lau Shan store to try it out ;)