Thursday, 26 December 2013


ThreeSixty is located at Publika, Solaris Dutamas. The shop is at G3 and it has a very nice and sweet interior and exterior.  They provide a unique lifestyle boutique that offers a wide range of stylish, fashionable, casual and professional apparel.

I went to get the Free Membership card and Free Mystery Gift (with Worthy Book Ladies Edition)…..It was very easy to redeem as I only needed to tear off the voucher, give it to the cashier and get the gift.  Life is so easy!
While waiting for the cashier to check the voucher, I looked around the shop to see what was available and guess what, it has very nice dresses and blouses. And I couldn’t take my eyes off from the dresses as they were very elegant…and their accessories and shoes were just perfect for me.

After a while, the cashier asked me to fill up a form for the membership card. And she told me that they don’t give out cards but they key in all data into the system and next time when I wanted to use them, I just need to tell them my email address and phone number…now that’s a piece of cake.

As for the Mystery Gift, I got something that most ladies would love…it was a handy Cosmetic Pouch!

The idea of this pouch is to keep the cosmetics and accessories carefully inside the bag without losing them. As this pouch is long, we can roll and keep it in any bags or luggages that we bring…brilliant isn’t it?

P.S – the retail price is RM100!

Will definitely be back again for the dresses and flats! :)

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Ochado – Worthy Book FnB Edition 2013-2014

 Are you a bubble milk tea lover?  If you like original milk tea, then you should come and visit Ochado. Ochado provides a wide range of selection for every customer e.g. coffee blended for coffee lover, brewed milk tea and even fruit tea!

Last week, my friends went to the Ochado outlet to have some tea time and a little bit of chit chat. 

Exterior of Ochado
Cozy environment inside with sofas to let you enjoy your drinks
While at the counter, there is a banner on top to promote their best seller’s drinks.

Green Tea, Honey Aloe Vera, Oreo etc
Within few minutes, the drinks were ready =)

Discounted with the RM2 cash voucher =)
Both of my friends with the Worthy Book FnB Edition 2013-2014
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Wednesday, 18 December 2013


Where is the best place to get authentic Siew Baos outside Seremban?  That’s right – Mr. Siew Bao!!!

Mr. Siew Bao outlet
I love their pastries and biscuits. The way they bake their pastries. And their biscuits are crispy and tasty.

Pastries (sandwiches, tarts) in their shop.
More pastries… (tarts, lou poh peng, polo bun etc)
Biscuits (nougats, hup toh soh, etc)
Thanks to Worthy Book FnB Edition 2013-2014, I’m privileged to Buy 12 free 6 at Mr. Siew Bao.  It’s a MUST HAVE book for foodies! If you don’t have one, hurry up and grab a copy at any bookstores only at RM29.90!

Buy 1 dozen free half dozen Siew Bao.

Friday, 6 December 2013

Toast Box

For the Asian food lover, Toast Box definitely is your best choice to have your Asian delight whenever you want!  If you want your breakfast fix, are in a hurry or yearn for an afternoon coffee break, Toast Box is the place to be!

I went to the Toast Box to have my breakfast, and of course not alone…together with my favourite Worthy Book F&B Edition 2013-2014 =)  Glad to know that Worthy Book has provided some great offers from Toast Box!

When I went inside, it was full of customers. The staff was busy preparing the food. The staff managed to prepare their dishes within a short time, but with nothing less than 100% quality!

Toast Box staff working hard to produce their yummylicious dishes.
At Toast Box, it is a must to order their Asian signature food! My voucher from Worthy Book enables to to redeem a free drink with purchase any of Asian Delight.

My tasty Mee Siam + FREE Ice Lemon Tea~ (highly recommended)
I felt so satisfied with this meal at Toast Box. I paid less but I got more than that =)

If you are a food lover, then you should go get a copy of Worthy Book FnB Edition 2013-2014! It helps you to save more on your food trips throughout the year. For more offers/information, please visit  OR facebook search “Worthy Book” to visit the page!



Thanks to Worthy Book FnB Edition, I get to enjoy “buy 1 FREE 1 pizza” at House.

Awesome deals at House from Worthy Book!  
Psst ~~~ they cater to Pasta lovers too!
This is soooooo tasty!!! =D 
The upper one was filled with tasty Satay Chicken Chunks and the lower one was complete with nutritious salmon pieces.
Love the exotic drinks with the long glass design.
To be honest, I really like the environment here. I would say the decorations there are contemporary and comfortable with a heavy emphasis on wood usage. It is the best place to have your meals and chillax after that.

The uber chic interior.
Am lovin’ this!
The view next to my seat shows the bar outside
All in all, my friends and I had an enjoyable night at House.  Strongly recommended if you are looking for GREAT food & GREAT environment!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013


If you like pretty clothes, heels/flats, and bags, Treats would be a great choice. They have all the latest designs on women’s clothing (dresses, shorts, blouses, etc.), shoes, and handbags.

Treats @ Sungei Wang.
Colourful flats.
All the pretty handbags.
Q: Do you wanna enjoy more privileges from Treats?

A: Yessssssss!!!

With Worthy Book Ladies Edition, you are entitled to redeem Free Membership Card from Treats (no purchase required), RM20 cash voucher when you shop at any of the Treats outlets or shopping online at, and you can also use the 15% off voucher from Worthy Book Ladies Edition for all Treats signature dinner dress, bags, accessories, and shoes.

All you need to do is just fill up the form.
And you’ll get your card right away!
Once you have joined to be one of their members, you can enjoy 1 year discounts at Treats! Eg: 10% discount on all regular priced merchandise (Treats label only) above RM55 except for shoes, bags and garment.

So what are you waiting for?  Treat yourself at Treats today!!

Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Today, my BFF and I decided to go to Pavillion for lunch.  After lunch we wanted to have chilling desserts (due to the hot weather recently) and so we thought of Gelatomio!!!

Pavilion outlet.
‘Traditional Italian Ice-Cream’
We used our Gelatomio vouchers from Worthy Book.  Trust me, the offers inside the book are SYOK! J

Gelatomio vouchers from Worthy Book FnB Edition.
We used the ‘Purchase 1 regular cup FREE 1 scoop’ voucher from Worthy Book at Gelatomio.

The normal regular ice-cream consists of 3 scoops of any flavours and with the Worthy Book voucher we got another free 1 scoop of ice-cream. In total we were allowed to choose 4 different types of flavours (if you wish to). For me, I went with 2 scoops of Cookies and Cream and 2 scoops of Double Chocolate.

Each mouthful was the taste of perfection I would say =) 

Tuesday, 5 November 2013


After a long shopping trip, your legs may be aching and we will now bring you to a relaxing place where you can enjoy FREE Aroma Beauty Spa!!! 

The interior.
It is very easy to redeem the Free Aroma Beauty Spa voucher. All you need to do is call and make an appointment to which outlet you wish to go.  I love their kind service. =)

You will need to fill up your personal details first before you enjoy the spa.
After you have filled up the form, the beautician will take you to the Jacuzzi room. You may leave all your belongings inside the room while you are doing the treatment.
The Jacuzzi hot tub with nice flower and candle smells.
I love the decorations!
The body massage area before you dip into the Jacuzzi.
First, the beautician will take you to the room and you will need to totally undress yourself and then wrap yourself with a towel. They will provide you a paper panty and a shower cap. After that you may lie on the bed while the beautician applies the scrub onto your body, hands and legs. After that you can dip yourself into the Jacuzzi for 30 minutes and the beautician will teach you how to operate the Jacuzzi.

The whole Aroma Beauty Spa treatment takes about 40 to 50 minutes time. You can fully enjoy and relax during the treatment.

Apart from the Free Aroma Beauty Spa, with Worthy Book Ladies Edition, you can also enjoy Glow & Glamour:
-          Signature T.O.P Slimming Treatment at RM38 only (N.P. RM500)
-          Signature UpLift Bust Treatment at RM38 only (N.P. RM400) and get a Free UpLift Bust Cream (worth RM108)
-          Buy 1 Free 2 Pigmentation Reduction Face Treatment at RM298 (N.P. RM1470)

To those who want to lose weight, I would recommend you to do their Signature T.O.P Slimming Treatment. It is a 1 hour session. Besides that, this treatment should allow you to have a good night sleep and you may feel very relaxed after the treatment is done.

So what are you waiting for? Quickly grab a copy of Worthy Book Ladies Edition now! @ RM29.90 only!

Specially for  ALL ladies!

Monday, 21 October 2013

Decleor - Aromatic Ritual Workshop

Decleor Mid Valley 2nd Floor
We booked for a FREE Aromatic Ritual Workshop session with Decleor using our voucher from Worthy Book Ladies Edition.  When we arrived, the beautician asked us to have a sit and fill up our particulars, and she served us ginger tea and a hot towel.

My personal particulars.
Ginger tea & hot towel.
After we have filled up everything, Priya was the first to do their free 30 minutes My Aromatic Ritual workshop.

Skin check first to determine what type of skin you have before proceeding to the next step.
After skin check, the beautician will then teach you how to use their product. (Workshop time!)
Introduce all the products.
You can personally try all the products.
The beautician will teach you how to do it.
Apply them onto your face.
This is so interesting! =D
Then you wipe them away by using cotton pad.
She also taught Priya how to massage from face to neck.
And which points and areas to press on your face.
And also samples for you to try at home!
Wow!  The Decleor workshop was a great experience. They taught us how to and massage our face, how to use their products and so on.

Thanks to Worthy Book, my friends and I had a fun day at Decleor.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Belanga Cafe (The Gardens branch)

My friend and I had dinner at Belanga Cafe, The Gardens after some serious shopping :P

We love their interior design as it brings out the elegant Malay traditional feel.  The seats also bring back some childhood memories!

The elegant interior

Traditional combined with modern chic interior

Belanga Cafe Menu

The staff were courteous and efficient.  Thanks to Worthy Book FnB Edition 2013-2014, I managed to enjoy 10% off for Nasi Dagang plus a free dessert of the day! While my friend had Nasi Kerabu Chicken.

Nasi Dagang

Oh so yummy~

Free dessert (Sago with Gula Melaka)

The Signature Nasi Kerabu Chicken

Super tasty~

We will definitely visit Belanga again for some authentic, tasty Kelantanese cuisine =)  Stay tuned!