Monday, 31 March 2014

Sothys - The Skincare Solution Specialist

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out which skincare products are good and effective for one’s particular skin type. It’s mostly trial and error until you stumble upon a product which really works for you.

So to figure out what’s good for our skin once and for all, my friends and I decided to get some expert advice from the people of Sothys, complimented with FREE mystery gifts (worth RM69 onwards) - thanks to Worthy Book Ladies Edition!

Sothys outlet at Publika - very classy and cool concept design



To receive our FREE mystery gifts, we were asked to fill up a form first, then proceeded to a consultation and mini skin analysis :)



Using a really cool machine, our friendly consultant scanned our faces to determine the level of hydration and acidity of our skin, as well as to identify our skin types!




After which, a result slip was printed out for our reference! It was very professional, and so cool! She also gave great tips and advice on how to improve on our skincare :)


Result slip! Not too bad, eh? ;)


At the end of our session, we then received our FREE mystery gifts - each of us received a Sothys skincare product suited for our respective skin type!



Sothys, truly the skincare solution specialist!


Can’t wait to enjoy my other Ladies Edition deals at Sothys!

- 50% off SOTHYS Flagship Limited Edition Treatment

- 50% off 2nd Facial with purchase of 1st facial @ normal price

- FREE Skinscope (worth RM150)


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BMIC - The Nail Spa Experience

Hi guys!

I had my first ever spa manicure over the weekend - and it was great! I went with my buddy to bmic, a nail spa salon at Publika.

And with Worthy Book Ladies Edition, we enjoyed a BUY 1 FREE 1 spa manicure!



Just at the entrance of the nail spa salon, is a cool display of nail polish products!



After signing in, we were led to the nail bar to begin our spa manicure :) It was a long bar, with basins and manicure equipment. There was also a flat screen TV on the wall playing movies - awesome!


First, our manicurists began with a hand scrub ~ hmm, smelled so good! After that, we were asked to pick which nail colour we wanted. My buddy opted for nail gloss, and I went for a bright turquoise colour :)
After shaping and thoroughly cleaning our nails, we had hand paraffin treatment. It involved dipping our hands into a tub of mineral wax, to soften and smoothen skin. It was hot, but bearable (I was jumping around a little haha :P). When I took my hands out, my skin was glowing, and felt very smooth!

After we rested our hands for a little while, our manicurists started colouring our nails. It was done very fast - so pro! :)   

The result? :)

A cute little fan to dry our nails


It was a great experience! I really felt pampered, and enjoyed myself. 

Buy 1 Free 1 spa manicure, thanks to Worthy Book!


I feel open to having a second experience with nails ;) Other deals I’m hoping to enjoy are:

- 20% off for Rejuvenate Manicure & Rejuvenate Pedicure

- BeeBee Nail: Complimentary foot scrub (worth RM15) and hand paraffin (worth RM38) with purchase of any complete set of nail services


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Kenko - Nibble away, fish!

Kenko reflexology and spa offers the most unique spa treatment in town - fish spa therapy!

Their fish spa treatment involves thousands of little fish nibbling away scaly dead skin from your feet, as you relax in the aesthetically beautiful and calming environment Kenko provides. 

And what a treat to be able to enjoy a FREE trial for Kenko Fish Spa Treatment (worth RM38) with Worthy Book Ladies Edition! :)


Kenko reflexology and spa outlet at Pavilion - So serene and peaceful!


Before starting, we have to wash our feet with a special scrub first. Got to make sure that our feet are ready for the fish, after all! ;)


After washing our feet, we can proceed straight away to the fish spa - a beautiful, wide-spaced environment with mini ponds, and an amazing view of the town.

As soon as you dip your feet in, hundreds of fish start their work!


These fish are called ‘doctor fish’ (really, that’s their name!), and their species have a unique dietary habit of naturally pecking away at dead skin - simultaneously, cleaning your skin! I can’t even begin to describe how awesome that is.

They feel somewhat like mini vibrations, all over your feet. Sure, it feels a little weird at first. But as you go along, it becomes quite enjoyable and relaxing!

Give it a try, it’s a free trial with Worthy Book! ;)



Other Kenko deals you’ll be able to enjoy are:

- 20% off for all services

- FREE one session of Fish Spa treatment (worth RM38) upon purchase of 60 mins Foot Reflexology

- RM50 Birthday treat voucher


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TT Mask - Timeless Truth to good skin

Timeless Truth, or better known as TT Mask, offers a convenient and affordable solution to keep our faces young, smooth and hydrated - all at the comfort of our own homes!

With TT Mask’s facial masks, we can give ourselves facial treats with top rated masks and serums! Their wide selection of anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, moisturizing and whitening products help to hydrate skin, smooth fine lines, slough away dead cells and unclog pores.

Available at all MaskSlim outlets, I decided to stop by with Worthy Book Ladies Edition in hand!


Check out the types of masks available!

Wow wow wow! Probably enough masks here to last me a year? ;)
TT Mask’s specialty - functionality masks series

With Ladies Edition, I got 20% off for my masks! Awesome!

Bought TT masks from their functionality mask series and v-shape temptation series!

Just to share some cool info with you, 

TT Mask’s Functionality masks are their specialty! They are a series of 5 colourful masks with special ingredients to address unique needs: Yellow for anti-aging & firming, Pink for anti-wrinkle & negative ion, Blue for moisturising, Green for sensitive skin & acne, and Black for whitening & deep cleansing. I bought green for myself as I have pretty sensitive skin!

As for the V-shape temptation series, it is a 3D mask with extra elastic cotton that helps to achieve the chin lifting effect. Thus, the term ‘v-shape’ ;)

With Ladies Edition, you’re all set to enjoy 20% off for functionality series masks, v-shape temptation series masks, bio-cellulose series masks, plus an extra 20% discount voucher for ALL TT masks! 

So, that’s it for today :) I’m going off to enjoy my masks now hehe! 

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