Friday, 28 April 2017

The Intern Farewell !

     Everything comes to an end after 3 months and it’s time to say goodbye to the interns! They have had such a wonderful summer internship with Worthy Book. There were 6 interns for this batch and all of them came from the same university, TARUC. Each of the interns have their own responsibilities on their daily tasks in different departments. Over the past 12 weeks of industrial training, all the interns gained real-world work experience by working closely with the management team. Each of the interns participated in different projects, they shared their ideas, exchanged information during the meeting to help each other out when someone faced a problem.

     27 April 2017, there was a farewell part for all the intern. The interns enjoyed Dominos pizza, as well as a birthday cake to celebrate all the April babies, Suanne, Cindy, Sean and Edmund. All of the interns and staffs as well as the top management group together for the interns’ farewell and the birthday celebration. 

Pizza that was ordered for the farewell party and the April babies Suanne, Cindy, Sean and Edmund.
After the birthday celebration, there was a sharing and gratitude session for the interns and the directors. They shared all the stuff that they have learned during the 3 months’ internship with Worthy Book.

Suanne, Ken and Jia giving some advice to all the interns and wishing them all the best in their coming working life.

     To all the 6 intern students from TARUC, we wish them all the best as some of them are returning to their classes and some of them will be graduating. Based on their work at Worthy Book, we know they will succeed in their studies and ready for the working world.

Thank you and All the best Interns!!

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Meet the Team!

Name: Nathiyaa

Currently studying:  Complete Diploma in Business Management

Why WB?
Very flexible, friendly & understanding bosses, cool environment. 

What are your responsibilities?
 PA (HR, Admin & Finance)

Favourite part of the job?  
Got chance to explore more about branding

What have you learnt so far?
Gain new knowledge -SQL software skill, do researches (marketing)

Any favourite merchants or outlets?
Himalaya and Jesley

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Meet The Team!

Name: Christylla Vyonne Yabarit

Why WB?
Changing environment from a very corporate company to more casual with young collegues to work with.

What are your responsibilities?
Creating graphic layout for various purpose; both template and creative based design.

Favourite part of the job?
Design research for inspiration before start designing. It is always fun to see other’s work.

What have you learnt so far?
Solving problem on your own is the biggest thing I’ve learnt since we don’t have creative/art director as a guidance. Make google as your best friend!

Any favourite merchants or outlets?
Himalaya from Ladies Edition.

Tuesday, 11 April 2017

The Tea Break in Worthy Book with Tedboy Bakery

The Tea Break With Tedboy Bakery

     To achieve the balance between work and life, Worthy Book will always surprise the employees with different types of welfare, such as providing free breakfast and there is an awesome fridge packed with food & beverages and we do get unexpected perks from time to time.

      Ken, one of the directors, he surprised us with all kind of pastries from Tedboy Bakery. If you are a person that is always hunting for good pastry, try Tedboy Bakery. At Tedboy Bakery you can get the freshest breads and pastries where it is baked daily. The chefs start baking at 5 am in the morning and prepare freshly baked, highest quality pastry to be served on the shelves daily gourmet sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, pasta and many more. Besides that, you may also spend your leisure time at Tedboy Bakery with your laptop/ ipad or your favourite book in the of the cosy corners in Tedboy Bakery.   So what did he bring for the tea break?  Read till the end to out… 

Everyone was curious what Ken brought from Tedboy Bakery
During the tea break, we talked about funny things, compared which types of pastries are the best. We got to know each other better and discovered more about the other team members.?

Ken brought cookies, cakes, cheese tarts, etc...

The chocolate chip cookies are the most popular among our teammates. To describe the taste of it, I would say the chocolate chip cookie changed my mood in a second when I took that first gooey bite I can feel like everything in the world is perfect. Other than cookies, the strawberry tart taste good too as it not too sweet, it tastes so awesome as the berries melt in the mouth.
‘From the left Edmund, right Suanne’
You guys look so happy, what joke are you guys talking about, mind sharing?

Even though the tea break was short but everyone enjoyed, finished all the food and feel refreshed before going back to work. It was a perfect day. So work hard and play hard guys!!!

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Meet The Intern!

Name: Yuen Sun

Currently studying:  Degree in Graphic Design & Multimedia

Why WB?
Because I am interested in this field and could get lot of experiences here. 

Which area is your internship focused on?
Graphic design.

What are your responsibilities?
- Responsible for creating graphics and design layouts for social media accounts, website design and etc.
- Collaborate with the marketing department to support, design and update company program with design solutions.
- Based on company existing program to research and knowing various company and brands to design voucher mock up.

Favourite part of the job?
Bonding during lunch time. 

What have you learnt so far?
Enhance my skill and visual experience in creating different visual art.

Any favourite brand or outlets?
OPI is my favourite brand in Worthy Book Ladies Edition.